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precision mobile


 Target Car Buyers Where they Live, Work, Shop & Play!

GPS advertising served to any mobile devices around a specific geographic location.

 With the dramatic increase of smartphones, Wi-Fi, and other GPS enabled devices, Hyper-local Advertising will propel your digital marketing to the highest level possible. Utilizing a smart device's global navigation data to find and target a specific audience, you can now instantaneously deliver a highly relevant message directly to the consumer based on their physical location!


PRECISIONmobile pinpoints a pre-selected target area based on latitude and longitude, and launches your ad within 400 square feet! This is considerably more accurate than the 1 square mile that Geo-Fencing technology you’ve heard so much about provides. We also strategically place your message on the most popular mobile apps and websites.

Targeting Tactics:

Geo-Fencing: Targeting based on your and your audience’s location – tracking visitors who saw your ad, clicked on your ad and then visited your location! Delivering ads on mobile, laptop and desktop!

Our multi-layered approach enables us to geo-fence places where we believe your potential audience is and when they are there, and then interacts with them in what they are doing to drive a successful campaign.

Whether it be competitors, used car lots, your own location, your customer database and any other various location, we can show your target audience an ad that shows a great deal or special promotion to draw their attention and bring them in. 


 We strategically place your message on the most popular mobile apps and websites!


 Did you know?

  •  75% of internet usage will be done on mobile devices in 2017
  •  Mobile advertising will have accounted for 50% of all digital ad spend in 2016 ($100B!)
  •  79% of people use their smartphone for reading emails, more than they use it for calling



precision search

We deliver MORE Results than Paid Searches Alone!


  Keyword Search:

  •  Target consumers by what they’re searching on their phones and/or other devices

** Based on recent search history, we serve ads relevant to keywords they’ve used


  Contextual Targeting:

  •   Target consumers by what they’re reading online
 ** i.e. someone reading reviews on for 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokees, we then serve ads featuring that specific vehicle to their current web page


  Retargeting (Site, Search, Keyword, Contextual):

  •   Reach users who have visited your website
  •   Reach users in a defined geography
  •   Reach users searching for your products and services
  •   Reach users reading content relevant to your products and services
  •   We can keep retargeting your customers, showing them your ads for up to over 30 days after they’ve entered the geo-fence.


  Deliver Mobile Ads to Shoppers:

  •   Target and follow consumers who are in the market to buy

 ** Through standard search engines and deep level searches on automotive websites


  Why pay-per-click and hope the consumer gets directed to your lot? Actively find and follow your prospects to serve your ads with PRECISIONsearch! Add to or supplement your current AdWords campaign or replace it altogether. Additional features include GPS targeted tracking and mobile/Wi-Fi IP locating across multiple devices.


traditional marketing services


 We aren’t your ordinary advertising agency, we are a full-service marketing company focused on helping our clients sell more product. If you’re looking for a marketing company that truly thinks outside the box, we are it. 

Additional services include, but are not limited to:

  •  TV/Radio Production
  •  Strategic Media Placement
  •  Data Mining / Direct Mail
  •  Event Mail
  •  Lead Generation

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