Our Team

We've Got Some Cool Cats Workin' Here!

Team Work is the cooperation between those who are working together for the attainment of a common goal.

Robert Westall

"In August of 2005 I founded CEO with one purpose - to help my clients Capture Every Opportunity!"

Robert Westall is the President and founder of CEO Marketing, Inc. After spending years working as an automotive marketing consultant, Robert began developing a series of new data marketing products.
Robert is also a contributing partner in Screaming Eagle Films – the video company that products the Official Sturgis Rally video.

In the few hours that he is not at work, Robert enjoys riding his motorcycles, spending time with his family (Jennifer, Jackson and Lauren) … and partaking in a few glasses of Jack Daniels.

Web/Graphic Designer

"Whoever is happy will make others happy, too. - Mark Twain"

 Jen has been a Graphic Designer/Marketing Assistant for CEO since March 2006. With over 15 years of experience in the Automotive Advertising industry, she incorporates creative and innovative design solutions with the traditional methods. Whether she’s creating newspaper ads, logos, sales collateral or copyrighting/proofing, Jen is a perfectionist. She will put her creative skills to work and help your dealership Capture Every Opportunity.

Jen loves to spend her free time being a mom to Jackson and Lauren (and to Robert). She excels at shopping, laughing, and eating sweets!

Business Manager


Sara Beach joined CEO Marketing in August of 2005 as the Business Manager. Sara directs and plans office business to run effectively by overseeing customer and vendor relations, research of printing and postal costs, operations and production, finance, accounting, auditing, tax, budgeting, purchasing and personnel. Sara also does the accounting for Screaming Eagle Films.

She is the mother of three, Ryan, Nicole and Thomas, and first time grandmother to her grandson Boston. Her time off is usually soaking in the sun on the lake and fishing, playing volleyball and watching her son playing basketball and soccer.


"In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity. - Albert Einstein"

"Most look up and admire the stars; a champion climbs a mountain and grabs one."

"The secret of success is consistence of purpose. - Benjamin Disraeli"

"The important thing is not being afraid to take a chance. Remember, the greatest failure is to not try. - Debbi Fields"